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Removal Defense

Removal defense pertains to the legal strategies and processes employed to prevent the deportation of immigrants from the United States. Our team of experienced attorneys provides comprehensive guidance and representation in removal proceedings, ensuring that our clients’ rights are upheld and exploring all avenues for relief. Whether you’re facing deportation due to visa violations, criminal charges, or other reasons, we are here to help navigate the complex landscape of removal defense.

Gavel and U.S. flag, representing immigration legal proceedings. Expertise in removal defense by our law firm.

The Basics of Removal Proceedings: An Overview

Removal proceedings, often equated with ‘deportation,’ delineate the formal process of ordering a non-U.S. citizen to exit the country. Starting with a Notice to Appear (NTA) and possibly culminating in an appeal, these proceedings can be intricate and life-altering. Understanding each stage and one’s rights can be pivotal. Explore a succinct overview of this critical aspect of immigration law